Friday, December 09, 2005


today better be one of the best i've had in months. this weekend better be so also! i'm being positive and saying that it's going to be.

so far i've had a snow day. this is a great plus!

i guess i technically don't believe in signs, but if i did, i'd say i might actually be right about this weekend.

isn't that stupid?

Sunday, November 27, 2005


my sister and i are such enormous weirdos. it's ridiculous. oh dear...

i'd swim across lake michigan

i decided yesterday, upon seeing my reflection in the mirror under warm light in an apartment i love in a city i adore, that i am going to live in as many places as i can. at least for a couple of months. or maybe just weeks. random places, like omaha nebraska, georgia, and indiana, and not so random places like seattle and chicago, LA/san francisco, providence(of course), and maybe even new york city (i think i could only handle a few weeks). if i could leave the country, that would be nice too. but it's not a priority, which is strange. i'm more looking forward to living in an obscure place in middle america than going to say, france (which i know i'll never afford). i must visit montreal, though, someday. i guess that counts as out of the country.

kate and i are planning a road-trip in stanley to somewhere near illinois. we can listen to 'illinois' by sufjan stevens all the while, and feel very cool and alive. then perhaps we'll visit michigan! (i hope someone gets that other than me)

i also want to be quiet and contemplative instead of harsh and dramatic, and wear grey in place of black. but that probably wont happen.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

why aren't the colors working? i'm hoping you all know i wouldn't choose this easter-egg color scheme for my blog.
this thing sucks.
i'm going back to livejournal. let me know when this stuff works, and maybe i'll think about coming back.

this blog

is rather random. and i think maybe i should post things in it, but what?


i guess i will when i feel like it.

Monday, October 17, 2005

my gentle and whimsical musings

i heart art...?